Zulal Wins Sewage Treatment Contract in Libya

Tripoli, Libya (OOSKAnews) www.OOSKAnews.com
29 March 2010

General Manager of Zulal Water Technology Dave Humphreys told OOSKAnews in an e-mail that the EPC contract is for “a sewage treatment plant for Harrouge Oil Company for their camp in Amal, a remote desert location. The effluent would be reused for irrigation and landscaping the camp.”

Zulal has focused on small and midsized sewage treatment, brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO) and seawater reverse osmosis plants (SWRO), the company said in a press release.

In the last year, it has sold some six BWRO and SWRO plants and become active in the produced water market and supplying filters and tanks to the Libyan market.

Zulal started operations in 2007 and has generated almost $13.4 million USD in sales.

It is a joint stock company, registered in Libya under the new Libyan laws to encourage foreign and local partnerships, Humphreys said.

He said the company’s senior management were all from Ionics USA and subsequently GE Water and Process Technologies.

Director of ZWT Iftikhar ul Haq was quoted in the company press release as saying, “Our local experience and turnkey capabilities make us feel very optimistic in this growth market.”


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