Zulal Water Successfully Provides Urgently Required Water Plant to Waha Oil Company

18 June 2012

Zulal Water Technology (“ZWT”) today announced it had successfully provided an urgently required 1000M3/day water plant to the Waha Oil Company (“Waha Oil”) at its oil production site in Waha

Waha Oil is one of the largest oil producers in Libya, with several production facilities in the desert. Its site in Waha was suffering from severe water shortages due to the dilapidated nature of its GE Ionics-installed water plants. To meet its immediate water requirements, Waha Oil was transporting water by truck, with an average of 10-15 trucks required on a daily covering a total round-trip distance of nearly 500km.

Waha Oil contacted ZWT to urgently find a longer-term solution to its water requirements. ZWT assigned a team to the project immediately to design a 840m3 / day plant, which was ordered by Waha Oil in January 2012. ZWT commissioned a specialized company in Netherlands to fabricate the plant, which was shipped within 3 months of the original order. Concurrent to the plant fabrication, ZWT prepared all necessary works on site in anticipation of the arrival of the plant, with the result that the plant has now been fully commissioned and is providing high quality drinking water in large quantities and with significant cost savings to Waha Oil in the long run. The project was more challenging as the design had to made flexible to cope with the complex and uncertain water quality and the mixes of different well waters, combined with harsh hot desert conditions.

Iftikhar-ul-Haq, Managing Director of ZWT, commented:“We faced a significant challenge to design, fabricate and install a large-sized water plant in the desert in such a short time frame – we were essentially having to replace 4 GE Ionics EDR units. However, the strong experience of our technical team, coupled with our local expertise and knowledge enabled us to successfully complete the assignment ahead of time and to the client’s satisfaction.”

Operations Manager of Waha Oil commented: "This new plant fully services our need for high quality drinking water in plentiful supply. ZWT has provided a perfect solution and did an excellent job in a tight time frame."

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