Chemical for Water & Oil Industry

Zulal Water Technology is the sole representative of GENESYS for speciality Water Treatment Chemicals for Reverse Osmosis Plants.

The Genesys group of companies and manufactures speciality reverse osmosis (RO) membrane chemicals, antiscalants, cleaners, flocculants and biocides. Their market-leading products are distributed by a growing network of international distributors, selected for their expertise in the chemical and membrane industries.

Genesys chemicals are developed, tested and manufactured in UK production facility. Their research and development team works closely with membrane manufacturers to ensure product compatibility. They also have a laboratory dedicated to membrane testing in Madrid, Spain, where they carry out membrane autopsies, water analysis and performance and cleaning tests for their international customers.




√ Approved for Drinking application
Best ChoiceEffective×Not Recommended
Anti-scalantWaterApplicationPlant sizeCaCO3CaSO4BaSO4SiO2CaPo4Mg(OH)2Fe/Mn
Genesys LF √ All Broad Spectrum Med/Large
Genesys AP All Broad Spectrum All
Genesys LF60 √ Brackish Broad Spectrum Med/Small
Genesys RC Brackish Broad Spectrum Recycled ×
Genesys WB Brackish Dechlorinated Very Small
Genesys CAS Brackish High Sulphate High SLI All
Genesys CAS Brackish High Sulphate High SLI All
Genesys CS2 Brackish High Sulphate Low SLI All × ×
Genesys BS Brackish Barium Sulphate Specific All × ×
Genesys SI √ Brackish High Silica Water All
Genesys PHO Waste Calcium Phosphate Specific All ×
Genesys MG √ Brackish Magnesium Hydroxide All × ×
Genesys DS Brackish Broad Spectrum Small
Genesys SW √ Sea Broad Spectrum All × × × ×
Genesys LS √ Sea Broad Spectrum Small/Meduim
Genesys HR √ Sea Broad Spectrum Large
Genesys DW Sea Sulphate Reducing Plant All


√ Approved for Drinking application
Genesol 30 Any Fast acting biocide                
Genesol 32 Any Biocide/Membrane Preserve                
Genesol 34 Any Alkaline Chelant (Bio-degradble)        
Genesol 36 Any Surfactant              
Genesol 37 Any Strong Acid Descaler          
Genesol 38 √ Any Acid Cleaner            
Genesol 40 √ Any Alkaline Cleaner            
Genesol 50 Any Alkaline Chelant    
Genesol 702 Any Acid Powder            
Genesol 703 Any Alkaline Powder              

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Zulal Water Technology also represents Rheochemie which supplies Oil and Gas upstream and downstream chemical.

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